Record Resolution and Pixels Comparison

. Chipset Resolution Pixels Comparison HDD Size (depends on DVR)
1 D1 720×480 345,600 100%  
2 960H 960×480 46,800 133%  
3 720p 1280×720 921,600 2,67%  
4 1080p 1920×1080 2,073,600 6,00%  
5 4K 3840×2160 8,294,400 24,00%  

Disable UAC (User Access Control) In Windows 7 / Windows 8

image Since it’s introduction in Windows Vista, User Account Control has been vastly improved in the latest release of Windows 7 / 8.  Most of the time it’s quietly doing it’s work in the background, away and behind the user’s eyes.  However improved it has been, it is still not that user-friendly when it comes to surveillance systems .  In order to successfully install surveillance system software—whether it’s the main system or remote viewer, it’s best to disable the UAC notifications altogether.  Below is a step-by-step guide to disable UAC pop up notification inside Windows 7 / 8.

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Fully Clean Up & Uninstall Past MultiView / Remote ViewLog Files

image For the times when we have a single Geovision DVR set up for remote viewing, DMMultiview and Remote ViewLog installs and works like it should. However, when we have multiple DVRs (or we have one DVR but have upgraded the Main System’s software multiple times) we may end up with multiple copies of DMMultiview and Remote ViewLog scattered throughout our system.  This can sometimes confuse the application launchers and cause an older version to load on our PC instead of loading a new version.

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Enabling In-Browser/Remote Video Playback & using Geovision’s Remote Viewlog

image In a previous KB Article, we covered how to remotely view our cameras Live from inside the browser and through an application on our desktop known as DMMultiview.  In this KB, we will explore how to view previously recorded videos through the web browser as well as using Geovision’s Remote Viewlog utility. If we have the remote ViewLog ports forwarded as well, we may also playback previously recorded videos through the web.

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